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Tom Seest

April 17, 2024

Are Some Seed Oils Bad for You?

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Are Some Seed Oils Bad for You?

Are Some Seed Oils Bad for You? Are You Making Your Inflammation Worse? Are You Consuming Harmful Toxins from Seed Oils? What Makes Seed Oils Harmful to Your Heart? Why Are Seed Oils Bad for Weight Loss? Search social media and you will likely come across numerous posts and memes alleging that seed oils such as canola (rapeseed), corn, cottonseed, grapeseed, sunflower, rice bran and safflower are toxic and cause headaches, fogginess, reduced immunity, heart disease and weight gain. But is this really the case? These foods contain omega-6 fats that have pro-inflammatory effects. But they also provide your body with essential omega-3s at just the right levels.

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