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Tom Seest

December 2, 2021

Brand Done for You


The Story Behind the Idea Of Brands Done for You

By Tom Seest

Not Always This Skinny

I wasn’t always as skinny as I look right now, even though I’m far from my goal weight. At one point, I weighed close to 600 pounds and could only buy clothing that fit in one store outside of Joplin Missouri. Years of bad life style choices, working too much, sleeping poorly, bad eating, and drinking six liters of Mountain Dew a day had taken a toll. In the photo, you’ll see a picture of me when I weighed 500ish pounds after dieting for two and a half years.

Bicycle Riding While Heavy

When I got down to 453 pounds, I started riding a bicycle on April 6, 2011 because I enjoyed riding and had energy to burn. I started with 2 miles that day, and ended up riding 3,784 miles that first year. I was making big improvements in my health. I spent much of my time trying to fuel my body so that I wouldn’t pass out along the road somewhere.

Bicycle Touring

I decided to ride my bicycle from Callum Bay, Washington down the coast of Washington state to Astoria Oregon. But, the logistics created big challenges. At my size, I had to stop every 3 miles and consume 200 calories of snacks or I would pass out along the road because I didn’t have enough fuel.

Finding Fuel Stops

Using Google and Bing, I tried to find fuel stops; places like gas stations, grocery stores, local diners, etc. where I could load up on food for my trip. But, I discovered that most local businesses didn’t have web sites, and weren’t listed on Google or Bing. I eventually hired a virtual assistant who used Google Street View maps to try to catalog all the businesses I could stop at along the way. Getting fuel was a matter of life or death, and next to impossible.

Successful Trip

I eventually succeeded in getting down to around 270 pounds, and logged over 24,000 miles on the bicycle. But the question remained; why aren’t businesses listed on Google or Bing? Why don’t they have web sites? They want more customers? They want more sales? Why?

The Problem

Why aren’t businesses getting listed with Google and Bing? Do they not understand the costs? Do they not understand the process?

The Reward

According to Ipsos Research, an up-to-date Google Business Profile:

·Is 2.7 times more likely to be considered more reputable.

·Will attract 7 times more clicks and engagement.

·Is 70% more likely to attract visits to the business.

·Is 50% more likely to lead to a purchase.


What Is the Problem?

With so much potential upside for having and maintaining a web site and Google and Bing presence, why do so many local businesses not have listings? Why aren’t these businesses investing the resources in developing an online presence?

It’s Simple But Not Easy

Like losing weight, the process is simple, takes time, but is not easy. Creating and maintaining a web site, a Google business listing, and attracting customers to these sites, and converting their clicks to sales can take time that small business owners simply don’t have.

Done for You Services

While we can’t lose weight for you, or get better health for you directly, we can build a web site along with a complete online presence and develop traffic for you. So, that the people that are trying to find your business or businesses can connect with you, visit your business, buy your products, and become your customers.

Done with You Services

For businesses with a larger staff that want to own parts or all of the process, we can work with you to build a better web site along with a complete online presence and help you attract more online traffic. People that are trying to find your business or businesses can connect with you, visit your business, buy your products, and become your customers.

Connect with Us

Connect with us, so we can help connect you to more of the customers and relationships that you want for your business.

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