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Tom Seest

December 9, 2022

Can Backyard Chickens Eat Kidney Beans?

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One question you may have is, “Can backyard chickens eat dark-red kidney beans?” The answer depends on the health of your chickens and your own lifestyle. Chickens can eat a small portion of cooked beans, but they should not be fed larger amounts than they can handle. The reason is that the beans are high in solanine, a substance that acts as a natural herbicide. This compound is toxic to chickens and can cause a number of problems. The best way to introduce cooked beans to your chickens is to start small and gradually increase the amount.
If you want to feed your chickens dark-red kidney beans, you should first make sure that they are cooked thoroughly. This will prevent them from eating raw beans. You can also feed them Small Red beans, which are small and red. Their flavor is delicate, and they are more easily digestible than kidney beans. Learn more about other beans and vegetables that you can feed your chickens.


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