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Can Cozumel Residents Get Discounted Care At Amerimed Medical Services?

Cozumel residents can now take advantage of discounted medical services at Amerimed, following a recently signed agreement between the municipality of Cozumel and Amerimed. The agreement, signed by Deputy Renán Sánchez Tajonar and Samuel González Cruz, Director of the Amerimed Cozumel Hospital Unit, will enable residents to access medical services at a reduced cost.

Is It Safe To Travel To Cozumel Right Now?

Is it safe to travel to Cozumel right now? Cozumel is known for its high safety rating and is especially safe for cruisers, divers, and tourists of all kinds. By following some pretty obvious safety precautions, you can feel confident traveling to this region in Mexico, and especially to the quiet and remote island of […]

Were Rare Migratory Birds Spotted In Cozumel Laguna Colombia?

In the heart of the tropical paradise that is Cozumel, a momentous event unfolded at the Laguna Colombia ecological reserve, under the watchful eye of the Fundación de Parques y Museos de Cozumel (FPMC). This sanctuary, steeped in nature’s profound beauty, became the temporary home to two distinctive migratory bird species, offering a reaffirmation of nature’s enduring cycle of life. The FPMC, a pillar in the preservation and celebration of Cozumel’s natural and cultural heritage, shared this significant sighting with an undercurrent of optimism and excitement. These winged voyagers, they revealed, had sought refuge and sustenance within the serene surroundings of Cozumel. Their presence was more than a fleeting visit; it was a palpable testament to the vitality and the resilience of the area’s ecosystem, thriving in its robust health.

Where Can I Find News About Cozumel?

Cozumel is a beloved Caribbean destination that draws travelers from across the world. Travelers come here for its diverse activities – swimming, scuba diving, and snorkeling among them – which appeal to visitors from every nation. Cozumel is widely recognized as being one of the safest destinations in Mexico, as well as for being quiet and relaxing. You can find news about Cozumel, here, of course, but there are other sources of news that you can use as well.