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Tom Seest

April 5, 2022

How Do I Keep My Knee Brace From Falling?


How Do I Keep My Knee Brace From Falling?

An Inexpensive Way to Keep the Knee Brace Up

By Tom Seest

Why Won’t My Knee Brace Stay Up?

While a quad tendon tear isn’t uncommon, it tends to happen with the older generation, or at least older than me. I’m just a young un’ at the ripe old age of 56. However, many athletes have the same injury and also have the same problem with wearing the knee brace after surgery.

It seems that the laws of gravity tend to combine with the movement and muscles, tendon, and body fat and the brace won’t stay strapped to the leg. The medical professionals involved with the case want me to walk with it and get more exercise and I start rehab tomorrow, so I set about to find a way to keep the brace from falling off and down my fur-laden tree trunk where it protects my ankle more than my knee.

Why Would the Knee Brace Fall to My Ankle?

The knee fell because I live within a gravitational field; a place called earth, where gravity keeps holding me down. When I would stand up, muscles and fat would shift, and the brace would drop off faster than a squirrel trying to climb a metal pole coated in lard. So, I stared at the problem for quite some time and tried to figure out how to keep tension on the brace straps and then the solution popped into my aging brain. And, like the aforementioned squirrel, I’m just a little nuts and maybe not right in the head. So, I wasn’t very confident that it would work.

What Won’t Hold Up a Knee Brace?

As you can tell, this wasn’t our first rodeo and we were certainly feeling like clowns. For over two weeks, we had wrestled with the challenge that has plagued mankind since the beginning of time. How do we hold up the knee brace without having to have someone walk around behind me holding it up? Incidentally, no one applied for that position due to the poor working conditions and view out the office window. So, we were forced to try to find a better solution.

We tried wrapping the leg in bandages, but the brace wouldn’t grip well enough and continued to fall. We tried creating a barrier below the brace with bandages and wrapping and it still would not help the brace resist gravity. We even wrapped the leg in felt thinking we might need other materials but this too did not work. This was becoming a frustrating endeavor.

Will Bath Sponges Hold Up My Knee Brace?

Then, the answer came to me. I’m a little slow but eventually, the thinker in the hollow of my brain kicks in. I sent my favorite oldest son down to the Walmart, which is at the edge of the flat earth. He went in, ignoring the obvious dangers of the edge of the earth, and purchased the pictured four bath sponges. Nice thick bath sponges, or so I’m told. I’m not big on bathing in the bathtub style so I can only base this on the descriptions provided by those who are more clean than us unclean.

And, we strapped the sponges in place as you’ll see here. And, it worked. I’m now a free man again. I can get up, walk with the walker, and begin my rehab. I can begin getting the necessary exercise to return that massive tree trunk back to the bicycling form it used to have.


I hope that you find my experience to be helpful and that you’ll find a way to keep your knee brace from sliding down around your ankle. It worked for me. Keep in mind that I’m not a doctor, not a scientist, and not a mechanical engineer. Some even question if I’m human and think that maybe I’m closely related to the aforementioned squirrel. But, if you can’t figure out how to keep up your brace, you might want to try this trick.

I’m going to enjoy the rest of my days on this side of the soil reminiscing about times, both good and bad. And when I ascend to my home beyond the sky, and they plant my remains below the earth, I will have done my best. Feel free to follow my ramblings at the links listed below:

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