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Tom Seest

June 27, 2023

How Is Downtown Shopping In Cozumel?

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An Overview Of Downtown Shopping In Cozumel

By Tom Seest

How Is Downtown Shopping In Cozumel?

Cozumel draws visitors with its powdery beaches, world-famous diving sites, and vibrant culture, but its prime shopping locations also make the island an excellent shopping destination. Take the time to stroll through downtown San Miguel, test your bargaining skills at markets, or shop for clothing or souvenirs in smaller stores and boutiques on Cozumel.

Is Puerta Maya Considered Downtown Shopping In Cozumel?

Puerta Maya, one of three major cruise port docking areas on Cozumel, is home to Carnival Cruise Line and most of their brands. Situated five miles south of San Miguel de Cozumel and within walking distance of attractions, shops, bars, restaurants, and other amenities – it is perfect for hosting Carnival’s cruises and most other brands!
The cruise center provides numerous shopping and dining options, as well as a transportation hub, shore excursion pier, and international phone center services. A pharmacy, convenience store, and phone center are also located on-site.
Jewelry is one of the top purchases people make while on a Caribbean cruise, and Puerta Maya is widely known to offer some of the best selections in this region. Many shops feature top designer names like Goodmark, Diamonds International (5 stores!), Effy Colombian Emeralds, and Tanzanite International – to name just a few!
Or you could visit one of Cozumel’s 15 standalone carts, where local merchants sell handcrafted crafts, costume jewelry, and souvenirs – perfect for gifts for friends and family back home, as well as mementos of your visit to Cozumel!
Use your cruise ship’s taxi services to travel from downtown Cozumel back to the ship – taxis in Cozumel are easily found and affordable!
Tourists don’t typically require leaving the pier, but it is worthwhile taking a short trip downtown for some retail therapy and delicious Mexican fare – there are plenty of restaurants such as Fat Tuesday, Three Amigos, and Pancho’s Backyard.
Royal Village Shopping Center and Puerta Maya Market are other places where one can shop for jewelry and souvenirs at very reasonable prices, respectively. At this market, you’ll find handmade products like T-shirts, trinkets, Mexican blankets, and much more at very attractive prices.
Cozumel Market is an ideal spot for travelers of all ages to pick up handmade crafts and unique souvenirs at unbeatably low prices, from handmade items made by local artists and producers to locally produced items. Notable jewelry manufacturers include Goodmark, Dufry & Diamonds International, and local makers that produce items.

Is Punta Langosta Mall Considered Downtown Shopping In Cozumel?

Cozumel boasts three cruise piers: Punta Langosta (used by Disney, Norwegian, MSC Oceania Silversea Marella Cruises), International Pier TMM, and Puerta Maya Carnival Cruise Lines). Each has unique amenities and activities available to its cruise customers.
Punta Langosta Pier is located conveniently downtown, and once off your ship, you will follow an overpass to Plaza Punta Langosta shopping mall for some quality family-time shopping or leisurely browsing. This mall makes an excellent stopover on any journey through town!
Diamond International, Del Sol, and Cariloha are among the many big-name brands represented here, as well as food court facilities, jewelry shops, souvenir stores as well as a cinema.
After disembarking from your cruise ship, you will pass through a security checkpoint before being led directly into the mall’s center, where there will be plenty of shops for you to browse through. With its prime central location near historical landmarks such as San Miguel Church and Market, as well as parks nearby, this mall makes an excellent shopping destination!
One of the greatest features of this shopping center is its expansive outdoor area. Here, visitors can relax while sipping cold beverages or purchasing new athletic wear at Marti sporting goods (similar to Foot Locker).
Cozumel Market, situated between 20th and 25th Avenues on Adolfo Rosado Salas, is another favorite stop. Here you’ll find fresh fruits, vegetables, spices, and other items at much more reasonable prices than in piers or downtown malls.
San Miguel de Cozumel offers an abundance of shops and boutiques for shopping downtown. Most are found along Avenida Melgar or parallel streets surrounding its main square; here, you will find souvenirs, jewelry, artisan clothing, and pottery, along with some amazing artifacts from its past.
At Cozumel’s downtown, visitors should always feel safe and free. Here, they can explore, bargain shop, and meet like-minded individuals.
Not only can visiting Isla Bella give you an amazing cultural experience, but you can also pick up unique gifts for family and friends back home. Chocolateria Isla Bella has some delicious handmade treats created using Criollo, Guayaquil, and Patastillo varieties of cacao for chocolate lovers to try.

Is Cozumel Market Considered Downtown Shopping In Cozumel?

From souvenirs, clothing, jewelry, or local handicrafts – to souvenirs of every sort – downtown Cozumel offers plenty of shopping opportunities. Many visitors visit just to shop; take the time to experience its vibrant shopping areas!
Plaza Confetti Street Market offers an incredible range of goods. Stroll down lanes lined with clothing, shoes and handicrafts as well as handicrafts and pottery; practice your bargaining skills if you wish; you might meet friendly sellers offering fair prices!
Los Cinco Soles is one of Cozumel’s premier spots for authentic souvenirs, located on Rafael Melgar Avenue near the sea. Here you’ll find Talavera pottery, traditional toys, clothing, and housewares, as well as locally sourced vanilla and chocolate, to name but a few items on their expansive selection list.
This popular shop boasts not only beautiful and exclusive pieces of art on display but also boasts a delightful dancing water fountain that delights both kids and adults. Additionally, its position provides an ideal photo op stop; therefore, don’t forget to capture yourself and your friends in front of it while there.
If shopping is not your cup of tea, El Mercado – Cozumel’s largest fruit and grocery market – provides fresh fruits and vegetables, dry goods, liquor/beer/soft drinks/meats, as well as souvenirs like T-shirts or mugs to satisfy all of your shopping needs.
Discover Xtabentun (pronounced “ish-ta-ben-toon”) while on your Cozumel vacation – it is an aromatic honey liqueur available in most grocery stores that makes an enjoyable after-beach sip!
Hammocks, blankets, and throws are essential items when visiting Cozumel and are easy to pack as great keepsakes to remember your trip by.
Remember, while most tourists shop in Cozumel cruise ship port and Royal Village Shopping Mall, some of the best treasures can also be found in downtown San Miguel. There are dozens of local shops specializing in hammocks and other items, so take your time exploring this island and unearth your own Mexican treasures.

Is Pama Downtown Shopping In Cozumel?

San Miguel, Cozumel’s main tourist area, provides an abundance of shopping and dining opportunities. Many shops can be found along Avenida Rafael E. Melgar – an avenue that runs along its length down towards the port – including duty-free shops as well as stores offering local manufacturing outlets and luxury perfumes.
Pama, a major duty-free store in downtown San Miguel, is one of the premier destinations for shopping. Offering quality merchandise at competitive prices as well as beautiful jewelry pieces.
Another great market to visit is Mercado Municipal, a market selling a range of fresh produce, fish, and other items located approximately 10 minutes from the cruise ship pier and easily reached via taxi ride.
Mercado Municipal is an excellent place to shop for souvenirs and clothing at competitive prices, from corporate brand items to handmade and authentic pieces produced locally at much more competitive rates than commercial stores.
There are also other stores selling local souvenirs and other items, including Los Cinco Soles (a small stall located on Avenida Rafael E. Melgar) and Pama Resort Hotel which both provide shopping services.
Pama offers an impressive strawberry red version of their classic Mojito that’s both refreshing and fruity, featuring pomegranate liqueur and white rum for maximum enjoyment.
Add a splash of sweetness to cocktails like cosmopolitans or margaritas by using some liqueur in them, or be creative and try adding it to something like pomegranate mimosas for something truly original!
Pama is not only an irresistibly delectable liqueur, but it makes an exceptional mixer in any cocktail that calls for it. Be it champagne, tequila, or vodka, Pama offers sweet and fruity beverages that will surely impress guests at your event.
Pama is the original pomegranate liqueur and is made with all-natural pomegranate juice to capture its complex sweet-tart flavors and seductive ruby hue. At 17% ABV and 34-proof strength, it mixes easily in cocktails of various kinds as well as being served on its own for more traditional tropical drinks.

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