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Tom Seest

December 10, 2022

How to Protect Your Backyard Rabbits From Predators?


Proper protection from predators is an important part of keeping free-ranging backyard rabbits. The first step is to ensure that your rabbits are properly housed in a predator-proof enclosure. Avoid using cheap plastic or flimsy wood for rabbit hutches and pens. These materials are easy to tear open by raccoons, and many mass-produced rabbit hutches don’t have floors or roofs. Also, foxes can easily dig underneath fences, so it is imperative to build a predator-proof enclosure.
One method of protection is to wrap or place chicken wire around trees and bushes. This will keep rabbits from nibbling the bark of trees. You can also use hardware cloth or poultry wire to create a barrier that will protect your rabbits from predators. Make sure that the barrier you use is tall enough to protect your rabbits from low-hanging branches. It is also a good idea to leave pruning trimmings on the ground as decoy food. Rabbits prefer buds and twigs over leaves and grass.
Another option for securing your rabbits is to place them in separate areas from other animals, such as chickens. Chickens are prone to chasing rabbits, and if you’re unsure of whether they will be safe around your free-ranged rabbits, it’s best to keep them separate.
Rabbits are prey animals and need to be protected from predators. These predators can include foxes and raccoons, which are common in urban and rural areas. Even though these predators don’t usually attack people, they will hunt small rabbits. Therefore, the best option for safe rabbit housing is to house them indoors.


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