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July 31, 2023

Is There Bicycle Rental In Cozumel?

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Is There Bicycle Rental In Cozumel? You can find bicycle rentals in Cozumel, but it can take longer, depending on the type of bicycle you want to rent. The rental of e-bikes is far easier than regular bicycles and can be done in more places. If you are an experienced cruiser, you can also bring your bicycle with you on the cruise ship; if your cruise line permits it. I’ve personally done this many times, and have blogged about it on CrazyGuyWithABike. To select the most appropriate type for you, consider your riding needs as well as terrain type and duration of the rental period. Mountain bikes are ideal for off-roading and rocky paths, while cruisers make for convenient use on city streets. If you want something faster, check out an electric bike!


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