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Tom Seest

April 17, 2023

What Are Rangeforce Interactive Exercises?

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An Overview Of Rangeforce Interactive Exercises

By Tom Seest

What Are Rangeforce Interactive Exercises?

RangeForce is a new continuous training method for cybersecurity. It enables you to evaluate the skills of your participants in a cost-effective way. You don’t need to invest in expensive technology or build your own range because all the support and technical help are included. It is a great option for cybersecurity training.

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What Is Xsoar?

RangeForce’s CyberSkills Training Platform integrates a full cyber range and interactive learning environment into one seamless experience. Hundreds of training modules can be plugged into the platform. Learners are exposed to a virtual environment, tools, and interfaces that allow them to ask questions and get explanations. The lessons are scalable, allowing them to learn a topic from start to finish.
These world-class cybersecurity exercises are tailored to the specific needs of each team, using a flexible, multi-user platform. Participants work with a variety of popular security technologies and tools and are aligned with the NIST cybersecurity framework. The exercises include a mix of threat hunting, digital forensics, and system hardening skills. Whether conducted remotely or in person, the exercises help teams assess their defensive capabilities in real-world attack scenarios.

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Is Rangeforce a Training Program for Cybersecurity?

RangeForce Interactive Exercises take cybersecurity training beyond the traditional tabletop exercise, requiring participants to leverage popular security technologies in the field. These events are aligned with the NIST cybersecurity framework and incorporate a mix of threat intelligence, threat hunting, digital forensics, and system hardening skills. Businesses can use RangeForce to train their employees in cybersecurity and protect critical infrastructure.
This training platform enables organizations to deliver world-class cybersecurity exercises to teams at scale. It provides interactive modules in a highly realistic environment that mimics real-world attacks and threats. It also allows companies to customize exercises based on team needs. These exercises can be conducted in person or remotely. The platform’s cloud-based infrastructure ensures that participants remain safe while assessing defensive capabilities in the face of realistic attack scenarios.
RangeForce also offers bundled training programs that include up to 500 modules. These are sold at a variety of prices, and you can purchase one or more to build your cybersecurity training. For instance, a lower-priced package offers 30 modules. A higher-priced package would include all 500 modules. Another option is to purchase a subset of the full Battle Skills license, called a Battle Path.
The rangeForce CyberSkills platform allows enterprise defenders to practice defending against advanced cyberattacks in an immersive cyber range environment. The range is made up of prescriptive learning paths and hundreds of real-world training modules that allow enterprise defenders to cross-train team members and orchestrate an incident response.

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What Is Xsoar?’s cyber hiring solution

RangeForce is a cloud-based platform that enables organizations to conduct world-class cybersecurity exercises. These exercises simulate real-world threats, vulnerabilities, and attack scenarios. They can be run in person or remotely. Each exercise is designed to assess participants’ defensive capabilities and can be tailored to a team’s needs.
The software provides a unique blend of online learning and real-world cybersecurity training. The cyber range features a scalable on-demand platform that incorporates real IT infrastructure, security tools, and threats to help teams prepare for real-world cyber threats.

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What Are the Benefits Of Rangeforce?

RangeForce interactive exercises help security professionals build the foundational knowledge and hands-on experience necessary to defend an organization from a wide range of cyber threats. The platform offers hundreds of interactive on-demand skill modules and assessments. It also offers pre-built learning paths that focus on core security functions and threats. The platform is available to organizations around the world.
Unlike traditional classroom training, RangeForce interactive exercises offer real-world scenarios and allow participants to play out scenarios and apply them in real-world situations. The learning experience allows learners to see the impact of their actions on the cybersecurity environment and identify areas for growth. This helps professionals improve their knowledge and skills, which is critical for career advancement and keeping up with the ever-evolving threat landscape. In addition, this type of training fosters networking among participants and fosters information sharing.
RangeForce’s immersive cybersecurity training platform is becoming the industry standard for cybersecurity training. Its platform includes more than 400 learning modules and helps students achieve advanced cybersecurity skills. The company’s unique cyber-security training program features a range of simulated cyber threats, and students can earn digital badges to show prospective employers.

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