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Tom Seest

April 4, 2023

What to Wear In Cozumel Mexico

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An Overview Of What to Wear While Visiting Cozumel Mexico

By Tom Seest

What to Wear In Cozumel, Mexico

If you’re planning a cruise or vacation to Cozumel, make sure you bring along the right clothing. This Caribbean island has plenty of attractions for visitors – from beaches and snorkeling reefs to Mayan ruins and shopping. Whatever the occasion calls for, ensure you pack light!
Keep in mind that Mexicans tend to dress modestly, so avoid wearing too much skin-revealing apparel. Furthermore, being a conservative Catholic country, you should dress respectfully when going out in public.

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What to Wear on Beaches for Cozumel, Mexico?

When visiting the Caribbean, it is essential to pack appropriate clothes for your trip. Beach attire tends to feature bright colors and tropical patterns; in Cozumel, you can find an array of colorful outfits, from maxi dresses and flowing skirts to off-the-shoulder tops.
Cozumel’s climate is typically warm and humid throughout the year, so you’ll need light, breathable clothing to stay cool in the hot, sunny conditions.
When heading to the beach during the day, it’s wise to bring along a swimsuit or cover-up that has an UPF rating of at least 30. Not only will this protect you from sunburns and rainstorms alike, but it will also keep you dry when they start.
Consider packing a sun hat for extra protection. A large hat will shield your head from the rays while keeping you cool.
When traveling to Cozumel, it’s wise to bring a travel wallet or purse for storage of your passport and credit cards. These are essential items to have on hand while exploring the island.
A beach robe is an ideal item to bring along for relaxation after a long day at the shore. It offers warmth and comfort as you lounge around in it after taking in all that sunlight.
To prevent overheating and sweating, opt for light, breathable fabric like cotton or linen. This will keep you cool in humid tropical weather.
Another essential item when visiting Cozumel is a sun umbrella. This convenient device keeps your belongings out of direct sunlight and protects them from getting damaged by sand and salt water.
When snorkeling or scuba diving, be sure to bring reef-safe sunscreen. Additionally, wear a rash guard for added protection in the water from UV rays.
Finally, it’s wise to bring a pair of shoes that can be used both on and off the beach. Doing so will prevent your feet from developing blisters or rubbing against the sand.

What to Wear on Catamaran Tours In Cozumel, Mexico?

Catamaran tours are an excellent way to discover Cozumel by water. These half-day and full-day boat excursions provide snorkeling and beach time at some of the island’s most popular spots.
Catamaran tours offer a spacious vessel that sails instead of motoring, allowing passengers to relax in the sun and take in stunning scenery. Most tours include snorkeling gear, lunch, drinks, and snacks.
On this half-day catamaran cruise, you’ll explore some of Cozumel’s premier reef systems for snorkeling and swimming. Plus, enjoy a delicious lunch prepared by your captain! You have the option to sail along either the northern or southern coastline, stopping at sites such as El Cielo, Punta Sur, and North Zone.
This boat trip is ideal for swimmers and non-swimmers alike, as its glass bottom boat allows everyone to view the underwater world without getting wet. It’s an enjoyable activity that families, friends, or multigenerational groups can enjoy together.
On this adventure, you’ll explore Paradise Reef – Jacques Cousteau’s favorite snorkeling spot and one of Cozumel’s premier snorkeling destinations. Enjoy an educational guided tour through the reef with your certified guide as you learn about its marine life.
After you’ve had enough of swimming and snorkeling, make your way to Passion Island. This remote beach offers various amenities like lounge chairs, a kids’ pool lagoon, and a sandbar where you can sunbathe or relax. You may also rent kayaks or paddle boards to explore the area more thoroughly.
This half-day tour is the ideal way to enjoy sailing, snorkeling and beach time on Cozumel. Your captain will select a reef just for you so that you can have plenty of time to take in all the beauty of the ocean. Plus, you have access to swim and snorkel at a secluded beach as well as try your hand at spinnaker sailing if desired – making this an incredibly memorable experience you won’t soon forget!

What to Wear Shopping In Cozumel, Mexico?

Cozumel is one of the Caribbean’s premier shopping destinations, boasting an array of stores, markets, and items to explore. From branded souvenirs and handcrafted local wares to high-end luxury products – there’s something for everyone in Cozumel!
While on board your cruise, be sure to visit Punta Langosta Pier and Royal Village – two expansive outdoor malls featuring an extensive selection of brands and merchandise. Additionally, downtown San Miguel boasts numerous shops as well as markets.
Jewelry is a major selling item in Cozumel, especially sterling silver pieces. The island is home to talented Mayan artisans who craft beautiful handmade necklaces, earrings and rings from sterling silver with gemstones like rubies, sapphires, and diamonds.
Another excellent place to shop for jewelry in Puerto Rico is Plaza del Sol downtown. This zocalo (town square) boasts some of the island’s premier jewelry shops.
Cozumel boasts some of the finest t-shirts and hats around. Don’t miss out on Huipil – traditional Mayan dresses, leather belts, as well as other items inspired by local customs.
Downtown San Miguel boasts an array of shops selling clothing, hats, and accessories. Ola Bonita Boutique, in particular, carries swimsuits as well as other eco-friendly items for women and children, plus a selection of handmade hats designed by local artists.
For an exquisite piece of jewelry, Deja Vu Leather and Jewelry in downtown San Miguel is a popular destination. Here, visitors can have their leather handbags or shoes custom-made or watch Mayan artisans craft one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry.
Cozumel boasts a number of specialty shops and galleries that are worth exploring. Renowned artist Greg Dietrich has his gallery and shop on Main Street, where he sells his blown glass creations as well as intricate silk paintings featuring tropical fish and dolphins.
If you’re searching for something classic, the Mercado Municipal in the town center is worth visiting. Here, you can find baskets, shirts, and hammocks, as well as other small treasures to use in your room or on the beach.

What to Wear Dining In Cozumel, Mexico?

One of the best parts about visiting Cozumel is its wide array of restaurants. Here you’ll find everything from traditional Mexican fare to international dishes – everything from European chocolate to seafood burritos! Whatever you choose, you’re sure to enjoy every bite!
If you’re in search of an all-inclusive meal or a romantic dinner under the stars, Cozumel has plenty of great restaurants to choose from. Some are located on the beach, while others can be found downtown.
Buccanos at Night is an award-winning restaurant located in Cozumel that serves up a tantalizing blend of flavors. Their menu changes with the seasons to showcase fresh seafood and seasonal ingredients, plus they have an impressive selection of drinks that are both delectable and beautifully presented.
Sereno Rooftop is an idyllic restaurant overlooking the ocean in San Miguel de Cozumel. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily, with special happy hour deals available throughout the day.
La Monina is another popular restaurant in Cozumel with stunning sea views and great service. They offer daily happy hour specials and excellent food to match.
If you are vegan or vegetarian, don’t miss this delicious eatery! They offer many vegan and vegetarian options at reasonable prices.
Fusion cuisine at its finest and delectable desserts to boot! Owned and operated by a family team for four decades, this restaurant has been providing delicious food to customers around the world for decades!
They are a small restaurant, so make reservations. Their wine list is extensive, and the setting provides for an enjoyable dining experience in Cozumel.
While on vacation in Cozumel, this vegan and vegetarian restaurant is the perfect stop. They offer an extensive menu, including smoothies, salads, and sandwiches; plus, their service is fast, and they’re knowledgeable about different types of vegan and vegetarian food items. This place definitely won’t let you down!
In addition to their vegan and vegetarian dishes, they also offer an exquisite Mexican menu! Their tortillas are made with corn masa, and they have plenty of mouth-watering salsas.
Guisados is a cozy restaurant in downtown Cozumel known for its tacos, tostadas, and other delectable dishes. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily – at affordable prices too!

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