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Tom Seest

May 2, 2023

Where to Eat In Cozumel Near Cruise Port?

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An Overview Of Where to Eat In Cozumel Near Cruise Port

By Tom Seest

Where to Eat In Cozumel Near Cruise Port?

Before departing on your cruise to Cozumel, make sure you enjoy a delicious meal before returning to the ship. There are numerous restaurants located close by the cruise port for this purpose.
You’ll find plenty of great restaurants in both downtown San Miguel and on the beach. Some are within walking distance, while others require only a short taxi ride from your ship.

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Is Pancho’s Backyard a Place to Eat In Cozumel Near the Cruise Ports?

If you’re searching for an excellent place to grab a bite near the Cozumel cruise port, Pancho’s Backyard is one of our top recommendations. It’s more upscale than your average restaurant but still provides stunning views of the waterfront.
This charming restaurant is situated in the courtyard of Los Cinco Soles historical building, and it’s known for its award-winning menu that boasts “Great Mexican Food and Awesome Margaritas.” The atmosphere is romantic, and serene, with cascading fountains and attentive staff to welcome you. Here you’ll find both classic favorites as well as gourmet specialties carefully prepared with health in mind – making for a delicious dining experience!
A longtime favorite among visitors to Cozumel, this delightful restaurant offers an array of dishes sure to please your appetite. Their hacienda-style restaurant is situated in a courtyard surrounded by palms and banana trees, with Marimba musicians playing cheerful background tunes as fountains bubble away.
The menu offers a wide variety of dishes, such as seafood, small plates, tapas, and pasta for sharing. Plus, there’s an impressive wine and cocktail list to choose from.
Pancho’s Backyard is an ideal spot for a romantic dinner with your significant other or dinner with friends and family. Their service and food are both top-notch, so you’re guaranteed an unforgettable experience. Plus, their prices are reasonable and the drinks delicious – just remember not to overeat as nothing can be brought back with you on board the ship!

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Is La Mission Cozumel a Place to Eat In Cozumel Near the Cruise Ports?

La Mission Restaurant, situated in downtown Cozumel’s bustling center, is a sought-after spot for its Mexican dishes and a stunning rooftop terrace with views of the city.
This restaurant is a favorite among both locals and tourists. It boasts an upbeat atmosphere with vibrant decor and live music that creates a lively atmosphere. When on vacation in Cozumel, this is the perfect spot for a meal!
La Mission Cozumel offers an exquisite menu with fresh seafood, mouthwatering Mexican food, and more – plus vegetarian options are available if desired.
If you’re craving something sweet and decadent, Maple Bakehouse is the perfect destination. Not only are their pastries and ice cream delectable, but there are also plenty of other tempting treats on their menu.
Cruise passengers love this restaurant, located a short walk away from the main square and cruise port. It provides a convenient setting for everyone.
At Tex-Mex restaurants, you’ll find a wide range of dishes like nachos and hamburgers. Additionally, they have tropical drinks and cocktails to choose from as well.
Although more expensive than some of its peers, Mexican Restaurant is worth every penny if you love good food. Not only will you receive a delicious meal that will surely impress your family and friends, but the atmosphere and ambiance is second to none.
This restaurant in Cozumel near the cruise port is one of the best places to eat. It’s easily accessible, making it a perfect option for vegetarians or vegans looking to experience authentic Mexican cuisine. Plus, families on a budget will find this affordable option very appealing too!

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Is Isla Pasion Beach Restaurant a Place to Eat In Cozumel Near the Cruise Ports?

Isla Pasion is a small private island situated north of Cozumel and known for its white sandy beaches, giant iguanas, and crystal-clear waters. This tranquil haven makes for an ideal getaway from the crowds while still having plenty of activities at your disposal.
You can reach Isla Pasion by boat from Playa Punta Norte, the beach located north of Central Port in Cozumel. Boarding a boat costs 150 pesos (return trip around $150).
For a more unique beach club experience than what the typical beach clubs offer, head to Isla Pasion. Here, you can unwind in a hammock and sip on an exotic cocktail while taking advantage of its stunning and warm beach.
In addition to the beach club, there is also an Off-road Adventure available. This thrilling excursion takes you through Cozumel’s Dwarf Jungle and onto Blind Lagoon for stunning views of exotic birds, iguanas, and endemic species. It’s a great way to discover different natural settings around the island while getting up close and personal with exotic birds, iguanas, and other creatures up close.
Enjoy some thrilling rides while also having a good time and experiencing nature in an exciting way. It’s ideal for families, couples, or anyone wanting to take in the beauty of the Caribbean Sea from an exclusive vantage point.
At Isla Pasion Beach Restaurant, the food is delicious and at great prices. With a variety of menus, including seafood to Mexican cuisine, this restaurant is ideal for budget-minded diners.

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Is El Tiempo Burritos a Place to Eat In Cozumel Near the Cruise Ports?

After a long day at the beach, why not enjoy some delicious food? This restaurant offers various dishes like burritos, rellenos, salads, and burgers.
On the south end of the island, this restaurant offers an array of alcoholic drinks to enjoy while dining. Enjoy stunning views while sipping on your meal!
The menu offers a range of vegetarian options to suit every palate. Additionally, they have plenty of seafood and steak dishes as well as other delectable items like pasta and pizzas.
They offer an extensive selection of drinks and desserts, so you’re sure to find something to satisfy your sweet tooth. Plus, you can order a glass of wine to go along with your meal for added enjoyment!
El Tiempo Burritos not only offers delicious food, but their staff is friendly and accommodating as well. They’ll answer any queries you might have and ensure you make the most of your Cozumel vacation.
Their burritos are a popular tourist attraction, so you’re likely to spot plenty of people coming and going during your visit. Additionally, they provide other foods like fresh fruit and vegetables.
After arriving on Cozumel by cruise ship, this restaurant is an ideal spot to dine. They serve delicious meals with stunning views of the ocean.
On the island itself, there are plenty of restaurants to try different cuisines during your vacation. Additionally, there are a few hotels nearby so that you have somewhere comfortable to stay during your journey.

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Is La Casita Del Lago a Place to Eat In Cozumel Near the Cruise Ports?

Cozumel is a stunning Caribbean getaway just 12 miles away from Playa del Carmen. It boasts powder-soft beaches, breathtaking snorkeling spots, and some of the world’s best diving.
The island’s vibrant culture and history are also major draws. It boasts numerous ruins of the Mayan people, many of which remain active as pilgrimages or religious sites today.
Cozumel boasts several museums, such as the Museo de la Isla in San Miguel and the Museum of Maya Ruins (Museo de la Ruina Maya) in nearby Santa Rita. Both offer fascinating attractions for visitors to explore.
For something unique, why not consider a half-day Cozumel snorkeling tour? These tours combine sailing and snorkeling in the waters surrounding the island so you can admire all its stunning reefs and marine life.
While you’re on the beach, don’t miss out on the Cozumel Dolphin Experience. This is an ideal opportunity to get up close to dolphins in a safe and exciting setting that usually won’t be overrun by cruise ships.

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