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Tom Seest

April 29, 2023

Where to Go In Cozumel for the Day?

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An Overview Of Where to Go In Cozumel for the Day

By Tom Seest

Where to Go In Cozumel for the Day?

Cozumel is a popular tourist destination that has plenty to offer its visitors, from scuba diving and shipwreck exploration to cultural sites like San Gervasio.
Exploring the island on foot is a great way to discover it, but be sure to exercise caution as some one-way streets and narrow beach roads require extra caution.

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Is San Miguel a Place to Go In Cozumel for the Day?

Cozumel offers plenty of activities, from day trips to nearby ruins and water parks, not to mention those stunning beaches! So come on down and take in all that this island has to offer – you won’t be disappointed!
While Cozumel’s main port area is bustling with tourists, San Miguel, Mexico, has plenty to offer as well. Here you’ll find many of the city’s best shops and restaurants and an array of activities and attractions.
Start your adventure at the bustling and friendly Zocalo or central plaza, also known as Benito Juarez Park. Here, you’ll find plenty of boutique hotels, bars, and restaurants in the center of San Miguel.
The Zocalo is an excellent place for getting information on tours, activities, and excursions. There are multiple staffed booths offering maps and helpful answers to your queries.
If you’re in search of entertainment in the Zocalo, there are always live music performances and dances taking place. These usually take place on weekends or evenings when cruise ships pass by the area.
Another popular attraction in Cozumel’s zocalo is the Museum of Cozumel, featuring 11 exhibits that chronicle its history and culture. Plus, it has a restaurant on its top floor!
Also, be sure to visit the local galleries and art studios. Gallery Azul glass art studio on 15th Avenue (between 8th and 10th Streets North) features stunning works in glass that capture the sparkling waters surrounding Cozumel.
On 5th Avenue Sur and 9th Street near the cemetery, the Galo Art Gallery exhibits some of the top local artists. You’ll find paintings, sculptures, and other pieces on display there.
Finally, the Museo de la Isla de Cozumel is a natural and human history museum situated on Avenue Rafael E. Melgar – the main tourist street in downtown San Miguel. Here you can learn about Cozumel’s natural and historical attractions as well as pick up some scuba diving tips or snorkeling techniques.

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Is San Gervasio a Place to Go In Cozumel for the Day?

San Gervasio, one of Cozumel’s most iconic Mayan sites, was once its capital city and dedicated to Ixchel, the goddess of fertility. The Maya lived here from around 200 A.D. until Spanish conquistadors arrived in the 16th century.
San Gervasio may not have the grandiose scale of Chichen Itza, but it’s an ideal day trip from your cruise ship or hotel on Cozumel. Whether you take a guided tour or explore on your own, there are plenty of interesting sights to see, such as Las Manitas (The Little Hands), Nohoch Na (The Great House), and Murcielagos (Bats).
Experience Mayan culture and traditions through a guided tour of the ruins. Your knowledgeable guide will share the history of the area, pointing out examples of ancient architecture.
On your guided tour through this archaeological complex, you’ll traverse the paved pathways connecting each temple. Learn about their significance and marvel at some stunning examples of Mayan carving as you stroll by.
Aside from exploring Cozumel’s ancient ruins, you’ll also get to enjoy its breathtaking natural splendor. You’ll visit El Mirador – a breathtaking natural wonder with spectacular cliffs and crashing waves – as well as Playa Mia Grand Beach Park for some relaxation after your tour of San Gervasio.
If you have more time on hand, why not book a longer Jeep tour that takes you off the beaten path to explore Cozumel’s ruins, jungles, and top-notch snorkel spots? These tours are fun, rugged, and an excellent way to make the most out of your vacation on the island.
To maximize your enjoyment of this adventure, bring along comfortable walking shoes or sandals and plenty of sun protection. Additionally, it is wise to bring along a light rain poncho or collapsible umbrella in case there are any unexpected showers.
When visiting San Gervasio’s ruins, the ideal time to visit is during winter, when temperatures tend to be sunny and comfortable. Furthermore, avoid visiting during hurricane season as it’s common for these ancient structures to become flooded or destroyed during this period.

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Is Playa Mia a Place to Go In Cozumel for the Day?

Playa Mia is one of Cozumel’s most beloved beaches and an ideal spot to soak up some rays. Situated in the southern part of the island, this beach park provides plenty of exciting activities and attractions for everyone to enjoy.
At Playa Mia, there are plenty of ways to have an unforgettable day. From day passes that include round-trip transportation and an all-you-can-eat buffet to all-inclusive packages with everything you need for a perfect beach day. Plus, book an add-on tour and discover some of the island’s top snorkeling spots as well as other exciting adventures!
At Playa Mia, there’s plenty to keep the whole family occupied – from water slides and a pirate ship to an energetic playground and Buccaneer’s Bay, where kids can shoot water cannons. You can rent kayaks, paddle boats, and other water equipment, as well as beachfront lounge chairs so you can sit back and relax on the sand.
At Playa Mia, you have your pick of food options, from a cold station to an extensive buffet restaurant and open bar. Enjoy snacks like grilled fish, tacos, chicken fajitas, hot dogs, and pasta salad for lunch or dinner – everything’s included!
At the open bar, you can enjoy a selection of drinks featuring national beers and liquors. Why not add on an exciting tour to see some of the island’s top attractions, like ancient Maya ruins and lush jungles?
For an unforgettable adventure, consider taking a jeep tour deep into the jungles of Puerto Rico. Here, you can witness some of the island’s most fascinating sights and snorkel spots, like Punta Sur Eco Beach Park.
You can also head to El Mirador, a lookout point that provides stunning views of the coastline and sea. If you’re in search of picturesque photos away from other beaches, El Mirador is an ideal stop.

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Is Playa Blanca Beach a Place to Go In Cozumel for the Day?

If you’re a beach bum, Playa Blanca is an ideal destination. This secluded cove features 9 kilometers of white sand and calm waters ideal for swimming all year round.
There’s also a large, well-stocked supermarket for all your beach holiday essentials before or after. You’ll find hardware stores for necessities, drugstores, to-do dollar stores for souvenirs, and an excellent selection of meat cuts that you can cook up on your beach barbecue.
Playa Blanca offers plenty of activities for guests to do and see while they’re here! Go shopping, take a leisurely walk along the promenade, watch the sunset over the horizon, or just laze on the beach with an iced tea in hand – there’s something for everyone here!
For the more adventurous, venture out to sea for some snorkeling or scuba diving! There are plenty of dive sites to choose from, such as Palancar Reef – one of the largest on the island. Additionally, visit the renowned underwater sculpture museum where you can admire Jason deCaires Taylor’s remarkable works!
Visit Marina Rubicon for an elegant street market featuring locally handmade goods, jewelry, and souvenirs. Open twice a week (Wednesdays and Saturdays); you can browse stalls while sipping on a refreshing beverage or taking in views of the yacht marina.
For some delicious food, there are plenty of restaurants in the area where you can savor your fill. Some offer live music, while others are more laid back. All offer a pleasant atmosphere, and you may even get to experience some local cuisine if you’re interested in trying some traditional dishes from the region.
Another enjoyable activity is exploring the nearby beaches. You’ll have your pick of several stunning locations, each having its own distinct character and charm, perfect for swimming, snorkeling, or paddle boarding in the waters for a day out with family and friends.
If you’re searching for an all-inclusive resort, Playa Blanca Beach Hotel is an excellent choice! It boasts the largest saltwater pool in the Caribbean, numerous dining options, and bars/whirlpools to keep you entertained throughout the day. Plus, its amazing spa will allow you to unwind after spending all those hours at the beach!

This photo was taken by Humphrey Muleba and is available on Pexels at https://www.pexels.com/photo/aerial-of-beach-1665725/.

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