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Tom Seest

April 24, 2023

Which Resort In Cozumel Has the Best Beach Access?

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An Overview Of Which Resort In Cozumel Has the Best Beach Access

By Tom Seest

Which Resort In Cozumel Has the Best Beach Access?

Cozumel is one of Mexico’s most stunning islands and a snorkeler’s dream. Unfortunately, if you’re not staying at an all-inclusive resort, finding a resort with beach access can be challenging.
We’ve curated a list of our top Cozumel resorts that provide waterfront lounge areas and direct access to the Caribbean Sea for swimming and snorkeling. Whether you’re searching for an idyllic retreat or an action-packed vacation, these are the ideal choices!

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Does Allegro Cozumel Have the Best Beach Access In Cozumel?

Allegro Cozumel is an all-inclusive resort situated in Playa San Francisco, one of the island’s most renowned beaches. Close to Palancar Reef – which was reportedly described as “paradise” by French diver Jacques Couteau – Allegro Cozumel offers guests a choice of accommodation styles suitable for both families and couples alike.
For those searching for a more budget-friendly option than other Cozumel resorts, this hotel is an excellent option. Rooms are small but fully equipped with everything you need to make your stay comfortable.
At Allegro Cozumel, each room boasts its own private bathroom, mini bar, and TV; some even offer a balcony or terrace for added enjoyment.
At the poolside bar, guests can enjoy a drink while wearing their swimsuits or working out at the fitness center. Plus, they have access to non-motorized water sports like fishing, kayaking, and diving for some exercise!
The resort also features three restaurants, including a buffet and two a la carte options. Here, guests can sample an array of local and international cuisine.
Though this Cozumel all-inclusive resort is a bit further away from the cruise pier than some of its counterparts, it does boast an idyllic beach area perfect for enjoying some sunshine and fresh air! Additionally, they offer a day pass that grants access to everything at the resort: beach access, pool, showers, restrooms, and non-motorized water sports – perfect!
This all-inclusive resort is the ideal choice for budget travelers, offering plenty of amenities and excellent service to make your stay unforgettable. Plus, its location on one of the island’s finest beaches means you won’t have to leave the property to find some much-needed relaxation time.
The resort boasts an outstanding spa and wellness center with a sauna, steam bath, massage rooms, and hot tub. They also provide fitness facilities, tennis courts, and a kids club for added entertainment. If you want to explore some of Cozumel’s top dive sites, the PADI diving center at the resort provides tours and training as well as booking an Ultimate Dive Experience which gives you exclusive access to some stunning coral reefs.

This photo was taken by Alex Azabache and is available on Pexels at https://www.pexels.com/photo/low-angle-shot-of-a-person-swinging-on-a-rope-tied-to-coconut-tree-3250362/.

Does Paradise Beach Have the Best Beach Access In Cozumel?

Paradise Beach Cozumel is one of the island’s premier beach clubs, featuring a large heated pool, ocean toys and activities, an onsite restaurant, and lounge chairs shaded by coconut palms. It’s a popular stop for visitors to Cozumel – many cruise ship passengers are even familiar with it!
If you’re visiting Cozumel with a family or group, consider booking an all-inclusive pass to the resort for $14 that provides access to the beach, pool, chairs, and umbrellas. Alternatively, upgrade to a Fun Pass for $18 which includes snorkel gear and kayaks.
However, you should note that the all-inclusive option does not include towels – these can be rented for $15 at Mr. Sanchos and $10 at Paradise Beach. Therefore, you may want to bring your own towel from the cruise port and check it in at the ticket booth as you exit.
Paradise Beach offers guests an hour later closing time than its rival, making it more convenient for late-arriving guests or those returning from Cozumel later in the day. Plus, visitors have time to visit other attractions on Cozumel before heading back to their ship at the end of the day.
As an added bonus, both resorts provide flexible cancellation policies for their all-inclusive passes. This is only available by booking through the links above, making it a great way to secure your passes at an unbeatable price.
No resort offers child-specific amenities like playgrounds or sock puppets, but both offer plenty of activities on the beach for children to enjoy. Plus, both resorts boast aqua parks that children will love exploring.
When planning a vacation to Cozumel, be sure to book a vacation package that includes roundtrip airfare and hotel accommodations in order to save money. Hotwire offers various packages for Cozumel that can offer up to 60% savings on hotels and flights.

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Does El Cielo Beach Have the Best Beach Access In Cozumel?

Traveling to Cozumel would not be complete without experiencing its stunning beaches. Popular spots include Playa Mia, Playa del Cielo, and Playa Palancar – perfect spots for sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, and other enjoyable activities. But none can compare with El Cielo, one of Cozumel’s most picturesque and secluded bays.
Boat access only, this beach is situated in the southwestern region of the island, and it can only be reached by boat. With powdery white sand that will massage your feet as you walk along its length, this destination appeals to tourists, hikers, relaxation getaway lovers, and anyone wanting to escape mainland life for some peace and quiet.
Visit this idyllic beach by joining a snorkeling tour that takes you to the sandbar and its best reefs. There are numerous options available; most will provide excellent snorkeling in the area, an indulgent buffet lunch, open bar service, and more.
The most popular option for tourists is booking a tour with an operator that provides roundtrip transportation from and to your resort or hotel, as well as access to the sandbar. Although some tours may be pricier than others, they provide you with stunning views of this part of the island in a relaxed manner.
Once you book a snorkeling trip with Cozumel’s stunning Palancar Reef, your guide will take you there. This protected area boasts an abundance of marine life that you will have the opportunity to explore for approximately 35-40 minutes under the surface.
After that, you’ll hop back on your boat and sail to El Cielo (English: Heaven or “Little Heaven”) – about 15 minutes away by sailboat. This bay is a beloved destination among locals as they enjoy boating there year-round.
Once you’re done snorkeling, hop back aboard the boat and relax for about 45 minutes in El Cielo or “Little Heaven.” This truly spectacular beach will remain in your memories forever.

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Does Punta Sur Beach Have the Best Beach Access In Cozumel?

Punta Sur Eco Beach Park is one of Cozumel’s most scenic and natural spots, spanning across 2,500 acres with something for everyone – from sea turtle hatching season to crocodiles lurking in lagoons, birds and iguanas of all types, climbing a lighthouse to viewing Mayan ruins and swimming or snorkeling at its pristine beach.
The Parks and Museums Foundation of Cozumel manages this ecological park, which promotes conservation and education programs for local wildlife (such as crocodiles and iguanas). It’s not a large resort; most rooms come standard with free Wi-Fi, bottled water, air-conditioning and flat-screen TVs.
At 28 kilometers south of San Miguel cruise port, this park is easily accessible. You can drive on the Costera Sur (coastal highway) or take a shuttle from your hotel.
Once in the park, two Mayan ruins stand prominently: Pumba del Caracol, or “Shell Tomb,” and El Faro Celarain, or “Lighthouse of the Celerain,” both dating from pre-Hispanic times. Both offer fascinating insights into Cozumel’s past.
Another highlight of the park is “X’tacun Lagoon,” a saltwater crocodile habitat. There are various walking paths and viewing decks that allow visitors to get up close with these magnificent creatures.
Within walking distance from the eco-park is its museum, which details the history of Cozumel and its inhabitants in the past. There’s also a small rock pool where scuba diving lessons take place.
You can book a catamaran tour of the Colombia lagoon to witness the sea turtle nesting season. This is an enjoyable and memorable way to take in Cozumel’s natural splendor, offering visitors an alternative option to visiting its many beaches.
Punta Sur Eco Beach Park offers plenty to see and explore, so plan to spend at least an hour or two there. The entrance fee is $16 for adults and $10 for kids, which provides admission to everything within the park.

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