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Tom Seest

July 23, 2023

Why Do People Travel to Cozumel From Alaska?

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Why Do People Travel to Cozumel From Alaska? At TopCozumelNews, we help tourists from Alaska to Cozumel plan their trips and activities using information collected on trips to the beautiful island. Cozumel is an exquisite small island that many travelers only experience for half a day as part of a cruise ship itinerary. However, Cozumel still boasts many delights for visitors visiting on separate trips or through other means. Cozumel offers thrill-seekers many exciting and adventurous ways to experience its beautiful island from above, such as the Zip Line Tour. After receiving a safety briefing, harnesses will be fastened securely around you as you cruise above six platforms spanning the island for approximately one hour – an activity perfect for the whole family! Playa Chen Rio Beach on Cozumel offers visitors looking for more of a peaceful experience an ideal escape from downtown’s noise and offers visitors soft white sand for relaxation.


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