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Tom Seest

September 15, 2023

How to Use Analytics and Tracking Tools for a Website Blog?

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How to Use Analytics and Tracking Tools for a Website Blog?
Tools designed specifically for blog analysis can assist in understanding its performance, creating improvements based on its data, and then implementing those improvements. An analytics tool may also assist with finding metrics to track to ensure you achieve greater blogging success on your website.
Here is a quick rundown of some of these tools:
Google Analytics: This is a free tracking tool that provides an in-depth view of the performance of posts and pages on a blog. It gives an accurate representation of performance data, which can be used for understanding and improving the blog.
WordPress Jetpack: This is a plugin for WordPress-powered blogs. It provides site stats and analytics to help understand the blog’s performance.
SEMRush: This is an SEO tool that also provides blog analysis. It can help identify keywords and track rankings, providing valuable insights for blog improvement.
Buzzsumo: This tool is great for content analysis. It can show how well blog posts are doing in terms of social shares and can also identify influencers in a specific niche.
Moz: This is an SEO tool that includes features for blog analysis. It provides data on keywords, backlinks, and on-page SEO which can be used for blog optimization.
Crazy Egg: This tool provides heat maps and scroll maps to show what blog content is attracting the most attention from visitors.
Ahrefs: This is another SEO tool that provides comprehensive data on backlinks, keywords, and competitor analysis. It can be used to improve blog content and SEO.
Social Mention: This tool is useful for tracking mentions of your blog across social media platforms. It can help identify the impact of your blog on social media and uncover opportunities for improvement.
KISSmetrics: This tool provides a deep analysis of user behavior on your blog. It can help you understand what content is most engaging to your readers.
Google Search Console: This free tool from Google provides insights into how Google’s search bots see your blog. It can help identify technical issues that may be impacting your blog’s SEO performance.

How to Use Analytics and Tracking Tools for a Website Blog?

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