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Tom Seest

June 11, 2024

What Color Is Thrianta Rabbit?

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What Color Is Thrianta Rabbit? Unveiling the Mystery: What is the Thrianta Rabbit’s Color? What Color Should Thrianta Rabbits Be? Can Thrianta Rabbits Have a Uniform Shade Of Color? Can Thrianta Rabbits Have Other Visible Markings? Thrianta rabbits are medium sized, stocky rabbits with fiery red-orange fur that make an eye-catching statement in any environment. Thanks to dedicated fans like Katherine Lynch and Judith Graf, Thriantas are one of America’s newest breeds.
H. Andreae created the Thrianta in the Netherlands during the 1930s to pay homage to its royal house, Orange-Nassau. Later imported to England and eventually to America where ARBA recognized its creation officially in February 2006.

What Color Is Thrianta Rabbit?

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