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Tom Seest

September 15, 2021

What Is The Nomad Network By Jason Stapleton? – An Insider’s Detailed Review of the Home for Digital Entrepreneurs

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Introduction to the Nomad Network and the Digital Entrepreneur

If you’re reading this, you likely have heard something about the Nomad Network or Jason Stapleton and The Stapleton Group, and you want to know more.

I first learned of Jason Stapleton from a long-time friend who attended one of Jason’s early financial investment seminars. I don’t recall if that was an in person event or a webinar, as this happened so many moons ago. After that, I heard about him again as a podcaster who had a libertarian take on the news. I followed and listened to his daily podcast back then, and quit watching or reading other news sources. Life then happened to Jason, and he and his company pivoted, and he rebranded his podcast as “Wealth, Power and Influence” that focused more on marketing and digital marketing for entrepreneurs. When he first developed what is now known as the Nomad Network, I was one of the first to sign up and become a paid member.

As you read on, you’ll see my review and my answer to the question: What is the Nomad Network by Jason Stapleton?


The Nomad Network is an Online Community of Digital Entrepreneurs

The Nomad Network is widely advertised and known as a community for digital entrepreneurs that is changing the way business is done. It’s a social network for entrepreneurs that allows people like me to connect with other individuals and learn strategies, tactics, and network. The information, courses, and daily feedback are designed to help people start, develop, and grow a business or businesses by building a distinct brand that has impact and sets a standard in their chosen business niche. The Nomad Network allows an entrepreneur to connect with a community of hundreds of other entrepreneurs in the various stages of business development, the ability to private message and collaborate with each other, to attend weekly, group coaching calls with Jason Stapleton, and full access to the Nomad Resource Library that contains hours of extensive training on marketing, branding, and entrepreneurship. These extensive training programs are only available to network members. Mobile apps are available for Android and Iphone users as well as a desktop version, which can be viewed in an Internet browser.


What can the Nomad Network do for You as an Entrepreneur?

If you’re like most early stage entrepreneurs, you’re surrounded by naysayers giving you every excuse or reason to quit your business or passion and go back to spending more time on your real job. But, have you been able to develop a diverse community of entrepreneurs online that speak to the passion and understand the language like you do? That’s where the Nomad Network can come in and help you. It can connect you to people just like you all around the globe; people with the same drive, passion, and desire to improve their business relationships, develop new ones, and provide more value to their new and existing customers and clients as they continue their growth.


What is the Nomad Network Feed?

Similar to a traditional social media feed, this is where you can see updates from other members, comment on their status, and get feedback on the strategies and tactics that matter most to you and your business. One thing I really like about this feed is that there is no advertising and it contains comments, ideas, and strategies that are supportive, positive and can have a lasting impact for my business in some way. It’s nice to have a feed or stream of potential nuggets of gold and diamonds without having to weed through all the ads, hate, ego stroking, political tribalism, or narcissism that clog up the traditional social media feed. I can easily ask questions from a place of ignorance without being assaulted, and can grow and appreciate the knowledge that I can acquire from the other members and Jason Stapleton.


What are the Nomad Network Private & Group Chats?

Most mentoring programs try to restrict your access to other members in the group and this leads to frustration and inhibits the potential growth of all the members. In this case, the Nomad Network encourages you to participate in group or private discussions so that you can all grow and learn together. In addition to having group chat channels where everyone can engage in topical group discussions, Network members can also start private chats with any other members via invitation. You only chat with the members that you feel comfortable chatting with or trust. This Nomad Network feature is great for one-on-one collaborations, making business connections, and closing deals.


What is the Nomad Network Resource Library?

No mentoring network would be complete without a resource library jam-packed full of valuable training on marketing, branding, video production, and productivity. The Resource Library includes the Core Training Library where Jason Stapleton walks you through the concepts and strategies he’s used to grow two multi-million dollar businesses, a #1 hit podcast and a best-selling book. The Resource Library also includes recorded sessions for the weekly group calls where Jason helps lead the discussion and coaches members on their specific businesses and areas of interest. All the previous and new episodes of the Wealth, Power, and Influence Podcast with Jason Stapleton are also included in the Resource Library for easy access. All of the back issues of the email newsletter called the Daily Alchemy (www.stapletonagency.com/daily-alchemy) are also included for reference in the Resource Library. The Nomad Academy is also part of the Resource Library and I’ll describe that in more detail next.


What is the Nomad Network Nomad Academy?

The Nomad Academy is part of the Resource Library on the Nomad Network and contains the business and marketing courses for members enrolled in the elite Digital Business Mentorship program. It contains training courses categorized by Foundations, Business Startup, Branding, Influence & Persuasion, Sales, Marketing, and Documents. I’ve been through most of the training courses in these areas, and the quality of each lesson is unsurpassed. And, it’s nice to be able to discuss the lessons in a point specific manner with other members.


What are the Nomad Network Events?

Members of the Nomad Network are invited to participate in Zoom calls on a weekly basis, and the nature of these events change from time to time. Typically, there are group Zoom calls on Wednesday evening for group coaching and participation, and a Friday afternoon Happy Hour where members discuss the happenings and victories of the week via Zoom. Additional events are scheduled, so I check this section for announcements throughout the week as well as look for them in my network feed.


What is the Nomad Network Daily Alchemy Newsletter?

It’s gold baby, it’s gold. It’s just thoughts or nuggets of gold that you can review and implement in your business, delivered right to your email inbox every day, or most days. I’ve been reading it for years, and I can tell you it’s served as a catalyst for many of my business ideas and has had an impact on my business relationships.


Would I Join the Nomad Network Again?

I’ve considered that question a couple of times over the past years, as I’ve had to renew my membership. And, every time I review this question, I always end up renewing for another year. While I can grow my ideas and businesses without the Nomad Network, it’s so much easier for me to have a place where I can go ask questions, get feedback, solicit help, and hear constructive criticism. So for me, as a remote tech Nomad living on a mountain top in Tennessee, it’s an invaluable resource in a time where it is difficult to connect in person with business resources.


How do I Join The Nomad Network?

While I can provide an Affiliate link to join on a trial basis at https://my.nomadnetwork.app/signup/KaqjNF, I am not a paid affiliate. I simply wanted to provide a more detailed review of the features and benefits of the Nomad Network for those who are considering joining. Whether you opt for the free membership, or a paid version with all the bells and whistles, I think you’ll find the Nomad Network to be a valuable resource for growing your business efforts and expanding your digital landscape and horizons. I encourage you to take that step and expand your business network virtually and participate with a growing network of opportunities and ideas.


What are the Negatives of the Nomad Network?

I know that I sound like a yes man for the Nomad Network, and that’s probably because I’ve been growing so much as a person, as a participant. But, I can point out a few negatives for people in order to set expectations at a reasonable level. First, like all other technological platforms, the Nomad Network can go down at times. It depends on a functioning Internet network backbone, servers, and flawed programming stacks. Second, there really isn’t any content in other languages at this point. Most of the members speak English as the primary language but there are bilingual members. So, if Spanish is your primary language and you struggle with English, you’ll struggle at times to grasp some of the training concepts. But, as the network grows, I’m sure that part of the Nomad Network will expand and the content will be able to be consumed in other languages. Other than that, I don’t have any real complaints or suggestions.



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